A little bit about me

My name is Kostas Ntanos and I live in London.

I worked for 13 years as a conservation scientist, looking after an enormous collection of paper-based materials. I always maintained a creative outlet, so by the time I left my previous career to pursue a more creative path, it was not surprising that paper featured in my work.

It all started with a mask that later became low-poly paper masks and other 3D papercraft, made into downloadable DIY templates. I really like to consider this a co-creating process, where I put the blueprint and you put your creativity in making the designs your own unique creations! That’s why I leave most of the masks white in the pictures you will find here. They are blank canvasses for you to be creative and decorate any way you want. There is just as much fun in making a mask, as in wearing it or giving it to someone and see them enjoying themselves.

I am self-taught and a magpie for trying and learning new things. I have experimented with a variety of materials and techniques, but as I grow as a designer, maker and artist, I have been developing personal art projects and my interest in mathematical art, geometry and tessellations.

Thank you for stopping by.



Kostas Ntanos is a designer an paper artist who designs papercraft mask templates and makes 3D paper art tessellations