A little bit about me

My name is Kostas Ntanos and I live in London.

I like making pretty things that other people can enjoy. I ended up making masks because the first time I couldn’t find any that I liked to wear at a party and I soon discovered that making pretty things was a good start, but wearing them and having fun in them, was even better. There is just as much fun in making a mask, as in wearing it or giving it to someone and see them enjoying themselves.

I had experimented with all kinds of materials and learned to design in 3D before I started using paper and card to make masks, because it is readily available, inexpensive and very versatile.

This led me to design templates, so that other people can enjoy both the making and the wearing, anywhere in the world. I really like to consider this a co-creating process, where I put the blueprint and you put your creativity in making the designs your own unique pretty things!

That’s why I leave most of the masks white in the pictures you will see here. They are blank canvasses for you to be creative and decorate any way you want.

As I continue to work with paper, you will see different things here, other than masks.