Papercraft Masks

Designed by Ntanos

Papercraft Masks

Designed by Ntanos

Papercraft Masks

Designed by Ntanos

Papercraft Masks

Designed by Ntanos

Papercraft Templates

Designed by Ntanos


Kostas Ntanos designs papercraft templates that you can download and start making immediately, using cardstock and glue. Equip yourself with creativity and make a truly unique paper mask to impress at a party, school project, masquerade or festival. Enjoy the making process and have fun wearing your creation.

Get Started!

Print the template

All the designs are split into pieces that can be printed on single sheets of paper. Print the PDF file to get started.

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Papercraft paper masks by Ntanos

Cut, score, fold and glue

Cut the pieces and score all the fold lines with a blunt tool. Glue the tabs to the corresponding numbers to assemble.

Tools and tips

Decorate and enjoy!

Use colored card, stick things on, draw, paint, make it your own any way you want and most of all enjoy it!

Inspiration gallery

Press Out - Fold - Glue

PRE-CUT Anubis Mask

Glue is all you will need to make the Anubis Mask with this pre-cut kit! It couldn't be easier!

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Thank You For The Kind Words

These papercrafts are awesome! You can alter them too for great headpieces for performance - couldn’t be happier

Halloween paper mask Ntanos
Randy Culp

This is SOOOO awesome! Instructions are fantastic, helmet fits perfectly, I love this shop!

Carrie Callaway

This mask came together beautifully. My 9yo needed it for a school event and it was the perfect option for us.

Michelle a.k.a. That Mommy

Looks awesome.

Made for a perfect result just like the photos.

Jeppe Hamming

Fun to make! Way better than anything I could have ever bought in store. Got tons of compliments.

Lexy Lane

BEST THING EVER! used it for a Purim (Jewish Halloween) Party and everybody was so amazed! 

Papercraft mask Halloween by Ntanos
Assaf Ostrovsky