How to print the templates

Please note that you are buying a digital file that contains a template and instructions only.

You will need to print them out, follow the instructions and get any materials and tools you want to use.

The designs are split into pieces; each of them fits on a single sheet of A4 or US Letter paper. Make sure your printer is set to ‘Actual size’ not ‘Fit’ and that you print one-sided. You do not need a color printer to print the patterns. The different folding lines (valley and mountain folds) are marked both in different color and different style, so you can use a black and white printer too.

The most basic way of making any of the designs is to print the pattern on regular photocopying paper. Trim the extra paper roughly around each piece of the pattern and glue them on the card you want to use. Make sure you glue the paper really well, as this will help you achieve a neat result later on.

You can also choose to hold the template temporarily onto the card with some sticky tape. This may be particularly useful, when the template might be visible.

Card of 300gsm is ideal, but you can use any card that can crease and fold easily. Corrugated cardboard is not suitable. Remember that the pattern will be on the inside after you fold and glue the pieces together.

Alternatively, you can print the pattern straight onto the card. This will save you time, however most home printers do not take 300gsm card, so you may have to have it done at a shop. And of course, this will not work, if the card is black!

All digital files will be available to download immediately after your payment has been processed. You will get an email confirmation with the link. Please check your spam folder, in case it ends up in there!

If you are having any difficulty, are unsure or want more tips and advice, please do not hesitate to give us a shout at


You will need Adobe PDF Reader to open the file and print the patterns. If you don’t have it already installed, it is free to download from Adobe by clicking here.

The 2D patterns and 3D design are protected by copyright law, and are intended for personal use only. By purchasing and downloading this file, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service.

Contact us if you want to use the designs for any other purpose than personal use.